About Ethan

Ethan Lumus is an independent American singer and songwriter. In 2018 he released the "Let's Go Inside" EP/short film, and the "Rich & Famous" EP. 2019 saw the release of Ethan's self-titled, debut album. Collectively, the songs from these projects have been streamed more than 67,000 between Apple Music and Spotify alone.

2020 started with the release of "The Feeling" and "The Director:" new singles from Ethan which kick started a new sonic direction and release cycle. "How Many Times," Ethan's next single, will be released on 22 May 2020. 

Before all else, Ethan is a songwriter. Production trends may go out of style over time, but the impact that lyrics have on listeners is undeniable and has the potential to be life-changing. 

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