To my Lumus family

Music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a baby, my grandpa would come home from work every day with a bag of Funyuns and a Dr Pepper in his empty lunchbox. We’d sit down, he’d pass me the goods and we would start to go through a routine of songs. Before I could speak, I’d just follow his melodies with a baby’s hum until, one day, I finally managed the word “duck.” I spoke my first words for the sole purpose of singing along to “Old McDonald.”

There’s a picture of me as a toddler sitting at a piano: imagine stringy blonde hair on an oversized head. I’m wearing a black and green polo, cargo shorts and some *classic* 90s, white, New Balance sneakers that barely dangle off the bench. Mom tells this story with a lot of fondness, saying that I treated the piano with a lot of respect and she thought it might be a good idea to put me in piano lessons. From the age of 3 until now, I have never stopped playing the piano.

I played piano and sang in church throughout my childhood. However, it wasn’t until I was eleven that I discovered my love of writing. I had been a voracious reader throughout my childhood and knew that writing had power. In an effort to get out some tough, pre-teen emotions, I took to writing poetry. Around the same time I was exposed to a lot of classic, secular music and picked up on some similarities between the poetry that I’d been reading and writing and the lyrics of the great, 20th century pop artists. I put two and two together, started doing it myself and a decade later we’re here.

I really look forward to showing you all the insides of my heart and mind through my music. I never thought people would care to hear what I have to say or even relate to the words that I write and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. I also want to take a second to acknowledge the privilege that I benefit from in society. By no means have I had an easy road to where I am, but I have been afforded many opportunities because of my race and gender that are often denied to people of color, women, people with different abilities and trans folks. I acknowledge the importance of being a gay man in such a potentially visible role and the impact that the transparent, honest and often flawed person that I am can have on others. I will make mistakes and I hope that I will be given the room to do that. I’m down to be called out and I’m always willing to learn.

I’m really excited to do this. Music has never felt like work to me and even now, with all the work it takes to get an artist like me off of the ground, it is the most enjoyable thing for me to pursue this. Whatever happens, thank you for being here at the beginning. Thank you for getting to know me and thank you for listening to the music.

xx, Ethan Lumus


Ethan Lumus is an American indie pop artist based in Austin, TX. With his roots in alternative, singer-songwriter and electronic music, Ethan creates a unique brand of dark pop that is both captivating and energetic. In March 2018, Ethan Lumus released his debut EP, Moments of Your Love for consumption on all major streaming platforms. His second EP, “Let’s Go Inside” will be released on 27 July 2018 and is preceded by the lead singles Sex and Soft Light. His music is distributed by AWAL, a subsidiary of Kobalt. For any inquiries, please direct all communication to

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