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P.O. Box 6147 Austin, TX 78762

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iUrbanGlobal says...

"It’s funny how you catch up with some interesting sounds on social media and just fall in love with it— AfterParty did that with me and just couldn’t help but chit chat with Austin Texas pop singer Ethan Lumus..."

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Indie Voice Blog says...

Sex by Ethan Lumus is a song that will "get you up and ready for the new week."

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IndieNation Blog says...

"Ethan Lumus is an amazing story teller. This song is extremely well written. The production is amazing and you can really tell that Ethan is a perfectionist. Every note and word is strategically placed. His passion for music is screaming off of this song."

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About Ethan

Ethan Lumus is an American indie pop artist based in Austin, TX. With his roots in alternative, singer-songwriter and electronic music, Ethan creates a unique brand of dark pop that is both captivating and energetic. In March 2018, Ethan Lumus released his debut EP, Moments of Your Love for consumption on all major streaming platforms. His second EP, Let's Go Inside was released on 27 July 2018 and was preceded by the lead singles Sex and Soft Light. His music is distributed by AWAL.




Check out "Let's Go Inside" and other videos on Ethan's YouTube channel.